Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here They Come!!!


But They Are Not Mine!!!!

Friends are starting to have Grandbabies. I am so happy for them!

While in Utah, this past November, I got to revisit some quilt stores and find some new ones. I picked up a Moda Layer Cake. At our guild's retreat this past October I demonstrated a simple way to make a pinwheel. I have searched high and low for the link and I can not find it. So today I made a simple photo tutorial on making the block. Please excuse my photos--this was my first attempt at doing this.

This quilt is made with Moda Layer Cake cottons, soft baby blue Minkee (?) for borders, backing and binding. And a over sized Rick-Rack . The batting is 50%Bamboo and 50% organic cotton.

I loved quilting with this batting!

The quilting.

Detail of quilting.

Cut any size squares (2) that you choose. Mine are 10 inch. It can be any size but be

consistent through out the quilt you are working on.

Right sides together. Sew 1/4 inch all the way around the block.

Take ruler and cut corner to corner this way.

And corner to corner this way

Should look like this after it has been cut

Open each piece and it should look like this.

Either finger press or iron.

Rotate blocks to form a Pinwheel

And sew to form the block!!!

And it is that easy!!!!

Till We Quilt Again,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How To Help Sadness

There is something therapeutic about looking over pictures (while remembering), selecting fabrics and spending hours coming to terms with your lose, while creating from the lose. That is, at least how it was for my son & I when we lost someone that we were very close to.

This photo is my Dad-Ron!
I did not make this quilt until several years after he died. For me, making this quilt was intense but also calming. Through the process I would float off remembering how wonderful he was and all the great memories that we shared. This quilt has allot of Love Tear Drops on it!!!
He died at the age of 59.
The quilt has over 4900-1 inch squares.
Dad & I had a few silent arguments while constructing this quilt!

This is Lady!!!!!

Our sons grew up with Lady. She was their protector and friend. When she died, my youngest son took it hard. At first he did not want to make a quilt but then changed his mind. So he & I made up the pattern. He selected ALL the fabrics. And he got started.
Everyday after school he would drop his book bag and run to start putting fabrics down. During the process of making it he would talk and talk (and cry) about his dog "Lady". On the back there is a envelope that has his letter to Lady. Someday he will take that quilt with him and read his letter.

Not only does quilts keep us warm, bring us joy but also helps to overcome sadness!!
What A Great Hobby We Have!!!

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilt and The View

Since this is a quilting blog, it is only right to show a quilt. This one was made for a fund raiser. It is Ricky Tim's Cool Kaleidoscope design. The swarovski crystals do not show up at all. But has a nice effect when the lights are dim. Our guild made Ricky's design at this 2010 guild retreat.
Yesterday, the east coast was calling for allot of snow. We were not sure if we should even attempt to head north (2-1/2 hours drive and 45 minutes on a train). But as you can see we did!!!!!(sorry Karen you are little chopped)

Time Square

Barbara Walters who is so... incredabily
stricking!! She is 81!
Whoopi & Sherri
Plus we received some goodies and a years worth of milk! Need that calcium for quilting.
It was so much fun!!!! Next trip to NYC I need to go to the Fabric District!!
Till We Quilt Again,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow, Sew & Learn

Saturday morning!! The start of snow.
Family sleeps in, I make coffee and light a candle or two. This is my favorite winter ritual that was pasted on from my Mor-Mor (Grandmother in Swedish) to my mom-- and now my boys. There is something about early morning quiet, coffee and reading blogs. ALL is Great that time of the Day! The only isssue is that my oldest is living on his own and now I freak out seeing his candles. What do they say about Pay-Backs?
The Snow!

Last winter we purchased a midarm quilting machine. So word got out that I was looking for ways to practice. A friend called (Martha) and said that her friend, from Pittsburgh was cleaning out thier church closets and found bags of scrap material. While rumaging threw the bags they found several quilt tops that looked like they were made between the 50's and 70's. So Martha's friend gave a quilt to each of her friends in my area. As it turns out I have been quilting them! They are the Best!!!! to allow me to play and learn on them.
The Sew!

So I have been trying to take in all the knowledge I can gather over the year. Have been reading, taking on line classes (love MQR and TQS), follow blogs and applying the PPP method. Have been going town with free motion quilting feathers (getting pretty good), meandering and all over designs. But I had not taken the plug in holding a templete or ruler while quilting. This quilt is my test!!!! I have to say it is looking pretty good. It has taken several more hours to do, but I think it is worth the time.

The Learning!

So Today is Sunday!
The plan is sew for awhile and meet up with friends to watch the Eagles/Packers game!!
It Is All Good!

Till We Quilt Again

Friday, January 7, 2011

This Is How It All Started!

I wasn't sure how I was going to start blogging. So I thought since I have my first wall hanging still up, that would be a good place to begin.

This may bring back some memories (or nightmares), we used

muslin as foundation (paper piecing was not popular or discovered yet) where we would put pencil markings for the lines. I can not tell you how many hours it took to pick out the fabric (boy did I fret over that). You would have thought that this would be hanging in a musem! I often smile to myself when I walk by it.

That was such a Great Day!!

Thanks Mom, Inge and Beth!!!!!

Till We Quilt Again


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year and A New Blog

Hello Blogging World!
For awhile now, I have been looking at all the wonderful quilts, ideas, and information that you share with the world and I wanted join in on all the FUN. So...... here it goes:
It would be only fitting to start off with a picture of a gift that I made for my mom. She is the one that started me on this Wild and Crazy Ride of Quilting almost 21 years ago.
She not only is Mom but my closest friend!
I wonder what addiction I would be into if it was not for her getting me started with quilting ( hopefully it was not the exercising addiction).
She will be leaving for a Cruise and thought she may need a beach bag. This is one side.
And here is the other side
I am so new to this, that I hope you actually receive this blog with photos!
Till we Quilt Again!!!!