Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome, How Would You Like Your Coffee?

We have been in the process of remodeling our kitchen. 
Here are a few photos of the process.
Hard to believe that ALL our cabinets are in those boxes.
Our kitchen came from Ikea.

The dining room was in need of a new color.
 And the kitchen needed new cabinets.

We also replaced the island.
It was bitter sweet to see it go.
One day, many years ago, Jim and I tiled the top,
while Nathan was napping. 
Many celebrations and smorgasbord style gatherings had
 been served around that island.

What the kitchen looked like when the cabinets had been removed.
They were installed in 1985.
Behind the cabinets was some old wallpaper.
The color was mauve (not pink) and gray.
Our boys kept commenting on the Pink wallpaper,
 and kept saying
You can also see the original linoleum floor!
And the Redo!
 The cabinets now go up to the ceiling.
Love the under cabinet lighting.

The TV is now a flat screen up on right wall.
Repainted the chairs and added fabric.
You can see a tutorial here.

Ikea has so many incredible storage systems.
 The white cabinet to the left, is the concealed dishwasher front.

 Jim and the boys installed the subway tile.
Under the counters there are metal bars to either hang
utensils or little pots.
Now that the holidays are over, I plan to alcohol paint them and/or even cover with fabric for the spring and summer.
I picked up several pots to change for the seasons.

Here is a photo during the day.

 Was lucky to get a farmers' sink too.
I had sewn a curtain and rug.
And had seen on the internet how to turn
your cloth into a wipeable floor cloth.
I will be doing this again!
Click Here to be linked to the site that has
at tutorial.

This photo was taken at night.
Has a yellow glow--but it is white and black.

The counters and island are now granite.
What a GREAT spot to cut fabric and make some delicious pie crusts.

The photo above is of a challenge project our guild had at a retreat.
 We were given--ok, forgive me-UGLY FABRIC!
I know for some of you, this is very hard to hear. 
I just love how it turned out!

The kitchen remodel only took a few weeks, however I just never
 seemed to have the time to blog. And recently I was reading

Karen's post "Why We Pick A Blog Name" .
And this is what I wrote on her blog:

Helen said...

"Till We Quilt Again" is the name of my blog. I hope when you visit, you feel a Warm Hug at the door, smell of coffee brewing and something just coming out of the oven. We get lost in time, chatting about quilting, family and food. And because you are so incredibly creative--we share so... many great ideas. And as the time comes to a end, we are both a bit bummed. But we keep in mind that we will do this Very Soon and say our good-byes.... while thinking of "Till We Quilt Again". That is what I hope to convey in my blog name. I Loved this post so much Karen, that I am inviting you to my house.

I realized while remodeling, Christmas, New Years and everyday life,
that I will be putting final touches on for a long time.
 So if I wait till I am done--
I would not be blogging for a VERY long time.
*So as Friends Do*
I am pushing aside my piles of mess, 
opening my door and want to say 
"Welcome, How Would You Like Your Coffee?

Till We Quilt Again,