Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion

Here is "A Little Somethin' Jacket"

As I read Maggie's Blog and she had posted her
 Little Somethin' Jacket I thought I would also post mine.
Maggie's is so... darn cute and I love the color.
When I made mine, I wanted to have the longer sleeve for the fall.  
I always seem to be hot anymore
 and this little jacket is perfect for me.
The pattern is sold several places, but here is one link.

Here are other fall items that I have sewn. 
The little shoulder bag to the left was made when I had my
embroidery machine.

This was made after being at a day workshop in Ocean City, NJ.
It was like a rejuvenating spa day.
 We painted fabric, eat great food and learned so.... much.
Besides painting we took the scraps that were laying around
 and made these little Art shoulder bags doing free motion trees.

This is a over the head and shoulder bag.
The pattern has 3 sizes and here is that link.

 Making it the perfect bag to have while you are fabric shopping.
You are hands free.
Plus having the zipper, I know my phone and money won't be falling out.

This little bag was made awhile ago when I need something small
 for the phone when at soccer fields and hockey rinks. 

Now I am getting carried away with
Camera Straps!

I seem to be making one for every outfit I own.
I made several for my mothers future trips.

And this is my hand bag for the fall.
this was done wrapping cloths line and then sewn together.

Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year!

Till We Quilt Again,

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mango Tango Anyone!

Can't Help But Smile!
 What a fun quilt!
This quilt was made by Jill and the pattern is called
 Mango Tango.
Jill is new to the quilting world and she has done a amazing quilt.

 Jill's sewing was impicable!

 Jill's color choices were Perfect!

 I didn't want to give it back!

Back of Quilt.

Till We Quilt Again,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding What Makes You Happy!

If everyday was perfect, would we know the feeling
of the incredible and outstanding days when
 they came our way!

That is what made yesterday so Great!

And this is how it went:
Awoke early to send our son off to high school. 
As of yesterday he has now driven himself to school for 4 days.
When did this happen!
Made plans to meet a friend at the beach.
Gathered my coffee, hand stitching, audio book, beach chair
and off I went.


After I got to the beach.
I made a few of these fabric origami beauties
(I will post more about this in future), while listening to
The Traveling Pomegranates. Now I must say
 "Could Life Get Any Better"

 Yes It Can!
Here is a group of painting students.
I could just feel their excitement.
And I was thinking how much we are all alike in finding 
"Passion" in our hobbies. They were chatting about colors, depth and
perception. Sound a bit familiar!

 And as much warmth and beauty that is found in our studios
(that what I will call it from now on).
There was such a heart felt feeling of seeing their studios
being moved onto the beach.

What a scene!

 And as the eager to learn painters where gathered around their teacher.
I kept thinking that our canvas is fabric and we all feel
the joys of LEARNING something new! 

 And as I turned with my New Camera (I think I am heading into another
passion). I hope you can see him--there is a man with his club in hand
shooting his golf balls.
Looks like he is Happy!

And to top of the Perfect Day, my friend Denise came
 and we chatted for hours. I have known Denise for a short while,
 but we have allot in common and talking for hours was so... easy and so... much fun.
We are planning on revisiting the beach VERY soon.

 So here is a inspiring Sunset a few weeks ago.

And visitor that was in my back yard.

I am new to blogging since January. My plan was to blog consistently.
I have discovered that I am not capable of blogging during July and August.
I have a summer business, blogging and quilting has to take a back burner during that time.
So I will call that time period my "Summer Hiatus" 

So to all of you concerned and curious quilters,
Thank You for checking on me over the summer.

Till We Quilt Again,