Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lucky Me!

This past week I celebrated yet another Birthday!
(when does the madness stop?)

Here is some of the quilty gifts I received.

MY MOM made this adorable piece!
 (she is my #1 supporter)

This design reminded my mom of me. 
And I think she is right-piles to finish!
FYI!--I normally am not wearing a skirt and high heels!
This hangs so nice in my sewing room.
I Love It Mom-Thank You!

My friend Diane made this clever table topper for the fall.
You are the Hexing Queen!
 Thank You Diane! 

Holds over 22 ounces of a drink inside the noodle! OMG!
This is not me in the photo!

When out on the boat the family is keeping me hydrated,
so I can come back refreshed to quilt!
Ya Right!

 And my family got me a iPad.

(photo is of blocks for a challenge in Sept)

I barely know how to turn it on 
but I did find the quilting App pretty darn fast!
I can see this is going to cut into quilting time.
(But in a Good way!)

Till We Quilt Again,