Monday, August 4, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop!

Less than 1 inch diamonds!

To start from the beginning! I was was tagged by Judy at Quilt Paradigm to join in on this "Around The World Blog Hop". I stumbled onto her blog a few months ago and our friendship was instant. I always look forward to seeing her name pop up in my-In Box! You just know there is something fun to see! Check her blog out Here. Also read some of Judy's previous posts-they are Great! 

This blog hop introduces you to bloggers that you may not know about and are happy to have found. So how this works!
I get to answer a few questions about myself and at the end of this post I will link you to 3 of my favorite bloggers. They then will continue next Monday doing the same.

About Me
Quilting for 23 years
Married 31 years.
Have 2 sons & a dog.
Self Employed for 31 years.
Current President of CAMACO Quilt Guild
Member of the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild

Close up of a octagon origami piece I made.

How does my work differ from others of it genre?
I am not sure if I differ or not. I just know that it has taken me several years to discover and cultivate what I like!
....I have discovered I like taking a path less traveled.
....I have learned "Never To Say Never". Things that I thought I would never do, have turned out to be some of my favorite things.
....I have grown past first impressions. Just because it does not hit my fancy--it usually can be tweaked into what I like and I usually end up loving.
....Color over pattern can either make or break a quilt for me!
....Learning the traditional process has played a huge roll in what I pick for making less traditional quilts. I think knowing both ways is very important.
....Someday's it is best to walk away!
....I get bored with repetitive block making! I will continue to do it at times. There I said it!- I admire and appreciate the people that do enjoy it! 
...I usually have a way of changing up a pattern and this is not always intentional.
Album cover!

Why do I create what I do? 
....It is a sense of peace and calm-most of the time-Haha!
....I love the togetherness with my mom, a friend or a group of friends.
....I also love being with me at times! Does that sound corny?
....There is something very grounding and electrifying while creating. A calm and power surge all at the same time! 
....I feel that creating is like parenting, being a spouse or a friend-If you give it your all without losing yourself, you then can step back a admire what you have and what it has become!
....I have let go of creating for others opinions-I do what I like. I guess that is part of a quilter growing up.

Our sunsets!

How does my creating process work?
Well....this is where it things get sketchy! However one thing that is always consistent. If I have order in my life (family, business, house, and head) the project is done in a orderly, calm & fun fashion. If any of those things are out of line--I can have issues.

This is basically my process:
...The Idea-Where the whole in-my-mind explosion thing starts! At this time I have a real mumbo-jumbo list going on in my head.
...Then Paper-Just start writing and drawing. This means every thought that passes about that project, no matter how crazy.
...The Ponder-Some people are quick--I need time to digest, tweak, plot and plan!
...The Vision-I can see it--in my head! 
...The Plan-Now the question---how to convey it? The scheming & plotting  begins!  

...I can always rely on my mother for honest personal and design advise! We might differ but she is always looking out for me!
...Not a fan of having more than 3 personal projects happening at the same time.  
...Always have a portable/travel project available.
...Never work on more than on customer quilt at a time.
...Always be open to new ideas!
...Clean up my work area after each project! 

What Am I currently working on?

 Plugging along with a challenge quilt.

  Quilt on the design wall.

Customer's quilt.

Take along Hex's

If you want a eye full of quilts-
just start clicking around on this site!

Here are 3 blogs I find inspirational and loaded with information.

Each one is unique with their own style. 
That is what makes them special to me.

My friend's Denise & Chelsey from Nini And The Sea  are a great mother and daughter team. Plus they are my partners in crime. They have such a eclectic collection of talent that it blows my mind. They are in France right now-but are able to keep posting. You go Girls!

I met Carolyn from Sweet Boater Chick a little over a year ago while tracking down a Modern Quilt Guild. Carolyn is one of those quilters that lives by the No Rules approach-I love that! She also got 1st place with one of her quilts at Quilt Con. Go snoop and poke around her site for liberation in quilting--it is very freeing!

I stumbled onto Tina from Seaside Stitches by way of Sew Many Ways a couple of years ago. I am somewhat of a blog stalker here except I have her on my blog roll so I guess I am a public stalker. I enjoy seeing all the talented quilts she makes and posts about. I absolutely love how she is so... diverse. I will say it-I have a quilters crush on her talent!

Here are just a FEW random photos!

So.... if you were able to endure the 
length of this post, I would love to hear from you.
Feel free to comment or let me know if you follow me. 
I would love to click onto your site and get to know you.

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