Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spreading My Wings!

In the past I have been a bit hesitant about online involvement when producing things. Call it fear of failure, not meeting deadlines or just--is it worthy to be shown?

Jacquelynne at The Art of Home created a no pressure, non judgmental and get this a non-deadline BOM! And you can still join the fun by going to her blog. These cold days have been perfect to make these fun and fast blocks. Plus on Saturday (in 2 days) she is holding a "Catch Up Day". Click here.

Plus the added bonus is there are several giveaways you can participate in along the way. That is how I stumbled on Jacque's blog Lily Pad Quilting.  A few days ago Jacque was hosting a giveaway and I won two great patterns. The warm beachy one is calling me now!

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Till We Quilt Again,