Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lovely Blog Award

Judy at Quilt Paradigm nominated me for the "One Lovely Blog Award". With so many great blogs, it was so nice of her to pick me as one of her favorites to share. As so many of us blogettes do--we create connections with other bloggers and Judy's creativness always has me locked in! If you have not been to her blog--please do--always something to see!

The photos are some things I have made or quilted.

We are to share 7 things about ourselves that you may not know and link 10 bloggers that we feel are "Must Reads and Follows".

7 Things!

1. My real life job has been operating and running a campground on the Jersey coast for the past 32 years! 

2. I have been working with my husband ever since I have meet him 33 years ago. And it works out great for us!

3.We have 2 sons. One is self-employeed and the other is a helicoptor flight instructor.

4.)  Our business is seasonal, which allows a nice portion of the year to quilt--ALLOT!

5.) My mother kindly nudged me to a quilting class 24 years ago and we both were hooked. Love that we can share this together!

6.) I currently am President of our local quilt guild and am a member of a Modern guild as well.

7.) May favorite part of making a quilt is the Quilting! 

Here are my "Must Read" blogs that I never miss!
There are done alphabetically.
Please know that there are many more and this is only a short list.
Some are on a summer hiatis too!

Barb-Mountain Quiltworks

Beth-Words & Stitches

Chrissie-Made By ChrissieD


Janet-What Comes Next


Rachel-Blue Mountain Daisy

Teresa-Quilting Is My Bliss

Terry-Terry Kramzar

Val-Val's Quilting Studio

I am not sure if the list above will continue since being nominated, but try to stop over and see all the creative engery happening on thier blogs!

Till We Quilt,