Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Spring Day! Well Almost

From inside the sun was shining, the clouds were big, blue and fluffy.

Then I opened the door.

It was COLD and WINDY!!!

So here is a photo of some spring flowers and a wall quilt that looks like a bunch of flowers.

This is from the stack-n-whack technique.

One fabric with the repeat layered 6 times-cut into triangles. Then sewn to form a octagon (or a flower-depends on the way you look at things). So here is sending you a Spring Bouquet! Till We Quilt Again Helen

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodbye Winter & Hello Spring!

As much as I enjoy the cold gray days, fire lite,
calming music, and the hum of the sewing machine.
I am ready for spring and summer!
So....this is my final reminder of a winter.
While in Vermont, my mother and I took a day class.
This looks like where we have been skiing for the past 35 years.
We learned about free motion, and how to use reversed fabric.

This and the next 2 photos where done at day classes with Donna Clauer.
She is a incredible teacher and artist.
She held her classes at her summer vacation home in Ocean City, NJ.

All the pieces we painted by hand and her techniques of painting is done
in a very freeing and a non structured approach.

Everything was done on a blank piece of
fabric and you apply paint and tread.
It is my understanding that she has moved up around Lancaster, Pa.
and teaches at the quilt stores in that area.
I highly suggest a class!!!
Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Channeling Toughts!

Several have emailed asking about the quilt in the frame above.
Even had a phone request to discuss it.
Then comes a phone call asking me to help demo the same technique at our
guild meeting tonight.
This has all been in the past week.
I must be channeling thoughts on
English Paper Piecing!
Here is a full shot of the quilt.
It was a challenge quilt that was entered in a local guild's quilt show.
The guide lines, that I remember (there was more) were it could not be
much bigger than a standard piece of paper. And it had to include words.
My words are attached with bent metal wire and were:
Create, Imagine,Believe, Dream & Inspire.
I had sewn the tumbling blocks together using the English Paper Piecing Technique.
Each diamond was only 1 x 1 1/2 inches.

The quilting was micro meandering.

Here is a larger quilt that is EPP'd also.
Having all the papers ready before we left.
I started the whip stitching on my way to the airport.
And only worked on this while at the airport, during layovers or on the flight (many hours).
Since we were flying form Philadelphia to Hawaii, I was able to COMPLETE piecing this together only while traveling. Who wants to sew while in Hawaii--Not Me!
This is 24 x 18.

You can find so... many tutorials on English Paper Piecing.
By typing it in your search engine.
It is a great take-along project too.

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What A Great Time!

Put 6 women together with, a sense of humor, creative ideas,
knowledge in their own areas, individual approaches and a willingness to share and learn.
What Do You Have
A Great Memorable Trip!

Here is a photo of the "Shabby Little Shack" that we were luckly enough to stay in
(Thanks to Sandy). We were knitting and appliqueing on projects.
I was learning to knit (again!).

Margareta (my mom) and Elena.
We imported them!
Mom is from Sweden and Elena is from Spain.

We had the opportunity to take a class with Esterita Austin. All I can say is WOW! She is so... talented in over laying sheers and paint to create illusions. What a magnificent day!

And onto the show. I took so... many photos but here are 3 that stood out to me!

It was amazing how this person used tulle for the reflection of the trees and home. But more amazing was how you did not see the mist/fog until you took a photo.

Just Beautiful! Love the color palate.

On Friday 8 more quilting buddies came down to the show. We were lucky enough to find a great restaurant that would fit all 14 of us. Wish we had more time together!

These girls to the left talked about switching into a new hobby, I overheard something about Burlesque dancing ....

And the group below are now Vegans!!!!

Great Memories!!
Till We Quilt Again,