Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Paying It Forward To Kenidie!

While at MQX in New Hampshire, quilt participants were informed that we would receive a copy of Angela Walters and her daughter Cloe's new book "Get Quilting" with our quilts when they are returned. This was a gift from MQX and Angela Walters who want to keep the joy of quilting alive. And what better way than have a book of 14 projects that will spark a childs interest.

The tough part was we were allowed to give the book to anyone that we thought would enjoy this book!  As fate would have it I opened my in-box to find Kenidie gracing my screen. Beings that I know her aunt and Grandmother, I knew this is where this book belongs.
Kenidie has a sewing machine!

Since we are all "Paying It Forward" I am also handing over a pile of pre-cut Tumblers pieces.
My thought is that Kendie might like to make a quilt for someone in need and join us at our "Thanksgiving Parade Of Quilts" when we distribute for kids in need.
In hopes that she will be able to share in the joy of quilting and giving.

Till We Quilt Again,