Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilt and The View

Since this is a quilting blog, it is only right to show a quilt. This one was made for a fund raiser. It is Ricky Tim's Cool Kaleidoscope design. The swarovski crystals do not show up at all. But has a nice effect when the lights are dim. Our guild made Ricky's design at this 2010 guild retreat.
Yesterday, the east coast was calling for allot of snow. We were not sure if we should even attempt to head north (2-1/2 hours drive and 45 minutes on a train). But as you can see we did!!!!!(sorry Karen you are little chopped)

Time Square

Barbara Walters who is so... incredabily
stricking!! She is 81!
Whoopi & Sherri
Plus we received some goodies and a years worth of milk! Need that calcium for quilting.
It was so much fun!!!! Next trip to NYC I need to go to the Fabric District!!
Till We Quilt Again,