Friday, June 26, 2015

Friend's On Friday-Eleanor

Eleanor's Hydrangeas

To be honest--I was a bit stumped as to how I was gonna quilt this small beauty.

Can you make out what the quilting is?

After much thought I heavily stitched small micro-hydrangeas. 

The texture just adds to the softness!

Pattern-Disappearing Four Patch
Size-35 x 34
Batting-Hobbs 80/20
Quilting-Freehand micro flowers

Till We Quilt Again,

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meeting Some Goals!

This went from this to ............

to this!

We have a odd spot in our house and I wanted a quilt to fill it up!
(this photo will not flip but it is hanging the other way)

I combined the Riley Blake Challenge and

the spot I wanted to fill!

 Plus this became June's ALYOF project.

 Since this has been ongoing it has shown up a few times on WIP.

I choose not to bind but to face the quilt. 
Giving it that artsy look! 

This is my: 
Riley Blake Challange
And last time as WIP!

Till We Quilt Again,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friend's On Friday-Eleanor

Eleanor's Pinwheels

Size-61 X 51
Batting-Quilter Dream 70/30
Quilting-Freehand Feathers and Teardrops

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh So Close!

Just need to bind and put a sleeve on!

Might even be able to post finished tommorow!

Till We Quilt Again,

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thank You Kelly!

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to send you this Thank You for the post you wrote on your blog at Pinkadot Quilts a few weeks back. I had not forgotten about it while on a recent trip to Micheals. So I also picked up this tape. I was in need for some cards and tried it out on pre-folded card stock.

Here are a few pic of cards that I have played with.

I have had fun playing when I am not in the stitching mood!

Till We Quilt Again,

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friends On Friday-Jan

Jan's Pinwheels

Batting Quilters Dream 80/20
Quilting-Continous Curve Center and Freehand Feathers Borders

Till We Quilt Again,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Pattern has been determined.
Fabric has been decided on.
Additonal needed fabric has arrived.

 Time to get started.....
The ducks are now all lined up.
I am making a sample quilt for a upcoming retreat in the fall.
And I think I am gonna really like this one!

Till We Quilt Again,

Linked to WIP

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friend's On Friday-Jan

Coffee Anyone?

 Jan's quilt was adorable with all sorts of coffe prints.

 So many of the fabrics had coffee swirl designs.

Pattern-Yellow Brick Road
Batting-Hobbs 80/20
Quilting-Freehand Swirls

Till We Quilt Again,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You asked--Free PDF Pattern!

A few weeks ago I posted Jill's quilt that I quilted. At the time I did not know the patterns name. Several asked if I could find out the name. It is called Rail Fence Pinwheel. After looking it up I found it free on line. Jill said that all the fabrics and including the pattern came from Walmart.

Here is the link for the Free PDF Pattern

Till We Quilt Again,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Went To A Longarm Shower!

Yeap you read that right!

Inge invited a few quilters for a lunch to celebrate the arrival of her Longarm! 

Here is the invitation

Here is my card for Grace and Mommy Inge

Inside the card I wrote:
Welcome Grace, What a lovely delivery you are. I know you will keep mommy and sometimes daddy up at night. You will sometimes be frustrating, but like anyhthing else it takes practice. Thread is like diapers--you need to try several kinds to see what works. I know you will grow with mommy and make beautiful things.
Aunt Helen

Inside the bag is a Longarm book along with several brands of thread.
And of course a bottle for Inge, to put wine in for those late night feedings!

Funny how we are blocking the new additon.
But you know how it is all about the quilters!

Inge served us a delicious homemade lunch and dessert.

The view of her garden and backyeard was beautiful!

Inge set up a additonal table to seat all of us. Which I am sure she made the mosiac tile table, with lilacs from her garden and pretty darn sure the greens and fresh herb
dressing comes from her garden too.

Inge (our host) is sitting in the white pants and black shirt.
Her home is like a art gallery and she & her husband also are incrediably
talented watercolor and oil artists..

Till We Quilt Again,