Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year and A New Blog

Hello Blogging World!
For awhile now, I have been looking at all the wonderful quilts, ideas, and information that you share with the world and I wanted join in on all the FUN. So...... here it goes:
It would be only fitting to start off with a picture of a gift that I made for my mom. She is the one that started me on this Wild and Crazy Ride of Quilting almost 21 years ago.
She not only is Mom but my closest friend!
I wonder what addiction I would be into if it was not for her getting me started with quilting ( hopefully it was not the exercising addiction).
She will be leaving for a Cruise and thought she may need a beach bag. This is one side.
And here is the other side
I am so new to this, that I hope you actually receive this blog with photos!
Till we Quilt Again!!!!


  1. What a great bag! Where does it and your mom get to go?

  2. Love the bag! I don't know if I could carry it if I filled it! I look forward to checking in on your blog often.

  3. Way to go Helen. Love the bag. Good luck with the Blog. Sandee Wright

  4. Lovely job on the blog. And the music is an added bonus. Your mom will be the envy of everyone on her trip. Great job on all accounts. Carolyn

  5. That IS a beautiful bag! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Okay...soooo, now that I look at it more closely...tell us how it is constructed...is it appliqued or is it just the fabric with a huge flower...it is really a nice size for schlepping all your art supplies to the beach along with the necessities...pleaz let us in on the specifics!!

  7. This is a test. Congrats

  8. Congrats Helen! I have all the confidence in you. Your quilting is fabulous, the bag is wonderful and the music is great. I can't wait to go th Williamsburg with you next month and rub elbows with a celebrity!!!!!!!

  9. To Everyone that has posted here today. I am trying to respond to the questions, but I don't seem to know how yet. I plan on grabing my "Techniqical Support Team"--Meaning my teenage son after school tomarrow. I will try then. Thanks for all the Kind Words--Helen

  10. To answer your questions;
    Terry-Mom and I do travel allot together but this trip she is with a friend to the Caribbean for 10days.
    MyCreativeHeart-The fabric is a whole cloth not a panel. I wanted to practice quilting on my mid-arm so it is quilted heavely and embellished with allot of thread.

  11. That bag is to die for! Is it applique or threadwork?

  12. Eileen
    It is threadwork. The fabric did come with the flowers on them so I quilted with neat threads and tried several types of patterns. Rock/seeds for the center part. Feathers on one of the flowers etc.


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