Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Do We Say "Pair Of Jeans"?

Is it because there is two legs?
And if so why don't we say "Pair of Sweater"?
It does have two arms!
OK--this is the stuff I ponder when quilting.
I am so... thankful for audible books.

So I had the privilege of having Sandra's 
"Pair Of Jeans Quilt" on my frame!
Sandra made this quilt using the jeans
 from her grandsons collection.
 This quilt will be going off with him
to college this fall.
She didn't want batting but choose a great flannel
 for the back. I did a all-over meander for the quilting.
I am sure he will be nice and warm while studying to
become a Dentist.

Eleanor's Gift
Last week I posted about Eleanor beautiful quilt. 
I needed to cut her post off early to put up a voting post
 which was time sensitive for my niece.
(She came in 5th out of over 30 entries--Thank You! to all that voted.) 
So that you don't miss seeing Eleanor's gift for her mother.
Click Here

Till We Quilt Again,