Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Save The Gingham!

In September I am participating in a blog hop. A portion of that post is for us to use gingham fabric from Riley Blake in some way.
Get this--they were considering discontinuing gingham fabric!


I will admit that the last time I used gingham was in a apron, 
in 7th grade in Home-Eco class. 
But you can't take it away!

So I am supporting the cause, here is what I am working on.

There will be over 50 blogs posting to show what they have created in September.

And not to bore you with details, I needed to added this little 
contraption fashion statement to my leg for the next two weeks. If I told you that I was laying around and getting allot of hand work done, that would be a lie! 
But what I will say-- is exercising can be dangerous to your health!

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