Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hola & Blog Linky Party!

Adjust Your Speakers.
Mexican Vacation Music is Going to Start Now!

Boat to the left is our sailors.
Estamos de vuelta de México!
We are back from Mexico!

Landed Friday night, got a few hours sleep,
and Saturday took off to a quilting class.
The family was on their own!
One son washed/packed and went back to college
 (Don't Forget to Call Your Mom!)
 and the other son finished up homework
(with no food in the house)
Do you think I have my priorities straight?
I most likely will not get the
"Mother Of The Year Award".
And I am so OK with that.

I have been on a slight detour from
quilting and blogging.
And now that I have recovered by vacationing,
  swimming, tanning and relaxing!

So.. to begin my process of returning to normal,
 I am posting about Mexico and
a Blog Linky Party I linked up to upon returning.

 Fear Not! 
I only posted some of the photos.
 For my family, I will send you the LONG Version soon.
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Note to Self:
Do not bring cotton yarn and use metal
needles in tropical climates.

This plate I painted as a souvenir
(shine is from sky light windows)
It looks like a quilt to me!

And onto the Blog Linky Party.
 I never realized how many people I would
 meet through linking.
Check out 
Marcia's Crafty Sewing Blog 
this is her home page.
It is filled with lots of information.

So as I end this post....
I want to Thank You for all your
Wonderful comments, and being
able to meet so many new people
 by linking into Marcia's Party.
I look forward to getting to know you better!

And as for my family!
Lots of changes are coming to the Ernesto home
(Mexico gave us a new name). 
I would not trade one second of our time together from this trip. 
I have a permanent grin on my face and
 heart from all the Love and Laughter
 that we shared!

There was allot of Zumba happening on the beach.
Here is 3 songs from our trip.

Till We Quilt Again,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom's Bucket List Party!

Coming to the end of Mom's Birthday Celebration
 with one last Big Night Out.

With 20,000 of her closet friends!

A little background:
My mom enjoyed hearing Bruce Springsteen's music when my brother and I were
 growing up and always wanted to see him.
Well maybe it was hearing us go on and on about him after a concert.
It became kinda like a Bucket List thing for her.
So guess what we did!


Are your speakers on?

We went Wednesday night and our older son, Erica (his girlfriend) and their friends went on Thursday night.

 This is at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.
Can you smell all the charcoal grills going and
hear Bruce playing everywhere!
I guess you can since I have it playing here!

We have been to several of his concerts.
The last time he was in town Clarence Clemens was still playing.
What A Icon!

 The seats were good, but was happy
 for the big screens.
Vision not as good as in teen, 20's, 30's or 40's.

Mom looked like she was in Shock!
In her words "It was a once in a lifetime experience"
Bruce Groupies are starting to age and go bald.
 Including us! When did this all happen?

Jim had always said we would take each of our children to see at least one of his concerts.
So my mom and our youngest son (wish we had more children) got to experience this incredible night!
Notice Jim is wearing a hat!
Just saying!

My mother has been able to check allot off
 her bucket list.
And I am so glad we were able to do this together!

The E Street Band has such a unique sound and
when all the old songs started I got all choked up.
(OK-OK I cried !)

 Hard to believe Bruce is now 62!
At the last concert he had a big poster with
him on the front cover.
He said
"You know You Have Made It,
When You Are On The Cover Of AARP"

Most concerts (including this one) cameras are not allowed.
But my mother thought who would stop her!!!
And they didn't!
So without her, we wouldn't have photos.
Problem is I have no pictures of her inside the concert! 
I was busy watching, singing, screaming and crying.

So after you have listened to the songs here.
You can click here on 41 Shots to hear another great song of his. I never heard it before this concert but loved it.

Till We Quilt Again,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Viking For A Second Time!

You could be a viking if you live in Minnesota.
I don't.
You could own a viking if you have a Husgurvarna sewing machine.
I use to.
You can be a viking if your family is from Sweden.
Mine is.
And surely you are Viking if you take a cooking class from
The Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, NJ.
We Just Did!

This past fall my mother and a friend toured France's countryside and Paris. Needless to say they got to enjoy everything in France along with their amazing food. So this year for her Birthday we went to Harrah's Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, to take a Parisian Patisserie cooking class. Also two of mom's dear friends came to join in on the fun (Sue was the one who was in France with mom).
Since mom is from Sweden and attended the Viking Cooking School.
She has been Crowned Vikinghood twice.

Sit back, turn up the speakers and enlarge the screen.
Click on Play.

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                              Mom's last part of her gift came Wednesday.
                         I will post that in a few days.
                         I will give you a hint.

                             It involved 20,000 people!

                    Till We Quilt Again,

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