Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Bit Twisted!

At our guilds Christmas meeting we brought
1 yard of our ugliest fabric.
Later we stood in a circle with a scissor
 and a random yard of fabric.
When the music began, we passed the
fabric till the music stopped.
 Then snipped and tore the fabric in half.
Keeping one half and passed the other half on,
 when the music began again.
Every time we kept half and the
other half was passed on.
Till we were down to a small piece.
We all ended up with 7 pieces.

Here is mine.

This became our Guild's Challenge Project.
The requirement was that it could not be any
 larger than a 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper.
 And three of the fabrics were to be used.
Plus you could add fabric as well.
We were to bring it completed to the May's
 meeting and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
 was to be awarded.
 Then all the pieces would be displayed at a local
Historical Society event dedicated to quilting
 in June.

So here is my Twisted Piece.
Photo not so clear!
The rust color is on the back and I used only the challenge fabric.

I did not place in any of the Top 3 Picks.   
But I always Love a Challenge!
The theme was
"What Makes You Happy"
For me that is trying something new.
I have seen this technique and
it can be stunning.
However, I will need to practice this 
more before I can use
 the word Stunning on mine!

 If you want a great tutorial on a
 Twisted Piece visit
also known as Fabric Tucks.

And The Winners Are!
1st Place-Gail
A full photo below with the Orange Star.

2nd Place-Elena

3rd Place-Margareta (MY MOM!)

Joan made all the Stars for all the Winners and everyone that entered. 

 Gail's Quilt with Orange Star
There are many more, but I think the snacks where calling me!

 To the Winners!

Till We Quilt Again!