Thursday, October 9, 2014

"TLC" & Portraits

Let me introduce you to........

Denise holding Kendall.
Denise made several other portraits in different techniques!
I was in such amazement--I didn't get photos of them all.
Hope she post them on her blog in the near future.




I few weeks back one of our family friend's son came to me asking 
if I could save his wedding quilt.
You can tell this quilt is loved and used often!

It came to me after the dog decided to use it as a teething toy!

I ended up cutting off several inches of the border
 all away around the quilt!

 After seeing how well used this guilt was I decided to machine the binding to the front and loosely attach to the back (time was a factor here) by hand.  Then reinforced with a machine blanket stitch to grab the front and back for durability. 
They have 2 young children and a teething dog! 

 This quilt was hand made the Amish in Lancaster PA.
and was all hand quilted.

Ironically I quilted a quilt for a women from Lancaster 2 years ago that made the same pattern. Here is a few photos.

She came in 2nd at their County Fair.

Till We Quilt Again,