Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Other Man In My Life!

We met a year ago in Texas!
Needing to get to know each other on a deeper and personal level is why I choose not to mention him till now.
Not knowing if I would have a connection, I waited to post this.
As you will see we are great together.
Here is my cutie--- Nick!  
We all seem to have names for our sweeties.
Whenever I heard Nolting--I thought of Nick Nolte.
Realizing I am dating myself and not able to tell you much about him except I never had a girly crush on him, but hearing the companies' name--I always thought of Nick.
Call me Weird!

*Delivery Day*
Arriving one night, just before Christmas
  Nolting Representative's Mike pulled in his sleigh
 (really, it was a van).
I felt like a little girl waiting for Santa.
And a huge mistletoe has hung over Nick ever since!

Stock Photo
I was only able to play with Nick a little bit before Christmas,
but the New Year brought in many fun hours together!
 This past year I attended long arm gatherings, practiced, took online classes and joined several long arm cults groups!
And have met some wonderful people.
Thanks to Nick.

 A few you may know.
Sue Patten

 Deloa Jones

First met in Utah, again in Houston and again at L/A Retreat in P.A.
Plus meeting so many from Blog Land and Classes!

Nick & I  seem to have chemistry
 in competing during our first 12 month together.


And a Beauty that you might see in a future show!

 A few things I have learned this year.......
Your quilting will never be perfect, which makes you human!
You never stop learning.
There never is a mistake that you don't learn from.
Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way!
Never say never.
Just Do It!

Here is where you can meet Nick's relatives.

Till We Quilt Again,