Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Award!

A New Award!
Thank You Barb
My New Award

A few months ago Barb from Mountain Quilt Works 
and I became buddies while chatting about this new blogging world, we both had recently gotten into. 

And now Barb has presented me with
 "The Versatile Blogger Award".

My job is to copy and paste the Award on my page, share 7 things with you, that you may or may not know about me, and then link 15 fellow blogger's who also deserve this award
and pass it on to them.    
Here goes:

1. My favorite neutral color is Black. Most of my quilts have black in it somewhere.

2.  I live in a seaside resort area.

3. Why must I like Pep's so much? And now they have them for every holiday. What is that about!

4. Love flowers but I was not gifted in the art of Gardening.

5. I recently have joined the Knitting World--is there a 12 step program somewhere?

5. Call me crazy, but I prefer chocolate chip cookies WITHOUT the chips.

6. Some of my fondest memories are sitting together with my husband and our boys, on our back deck--- talking! 

7. I get to spend most of the fall and winter playing in the fiber world! Life is Good!

And now the Blogger's I am passing this onto:

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do.

Till We Quilt Again,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"The Retreat"

During the past 14 days, I held a Quilting Retreat with some amazing women, flew 2446 miles, meet up with another group from Virgina, North Carolina, New Jersey and Switzerland, refreshed the body and soul on Sanibel Island , visited my wonderful in-laws in Fort Myers and had a
way-to-short visit with my cousin in Punta Gorda.
 And during all of this, I was lucky enough to be able to do all this with my mother
 and my sister in-law joining in for the warm weather events.

The best way to show all fun things that has been going on,
 is with Smilebox.
This is my 1st attempt at Smilebox
Keep Your Fingers Crossed!!!

Click to play this Smilebox photo album

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Here are a few things that was demonstrated at the retreat.

I first knitted and felted the bag.
 And added handles. 
 Then added Fold Fabric Flowers
here is the link for a tutorial.
I made this to be a wine bag.
It is very sturdy!

This is a piece of fabric that I practiced
free motion on.

Added binding and a few pieces of hardware.
And you have a Easy Casserole Carrier.
Here is the tutorial.

So here is just a few things that we have been doing.
I would love to show the project we worked on at the retreat.  But that will have to wait till
someone has COMPLETELY Finished one!

In a few days I will be posting photos from our Sunny Florida Trip!

Till We Quilt Again,