Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ronald's Flight--Completed!

Four days before Thanksgiving, our son completed his test for becoming a

 Commercial Pilot.
During the winter months he gets to train in southern Florida!
And while at home he trains up and down the east coast.

I wanted to make him a quilt that represents where he is, in his life now.
Over the past 2 years he has spent many, many hours over the ocean.

To show the detail of the quilting I added a up-light.
It is amazing to see the difference of the quilt in person verses in print.
I might need to attend a photography class or hire a professional! 

The fabric is from Cherry Wood Hand Dyed Fabrics (except the backing).
There is a mix of thread of Superior Silk, Bottom Line, Omni & Sulky.
The quilting is done freehand and with rules.
I do not have a computer.

 It started with squares but felt it was lacking movement.

 I choose diamonds over squares giving it a better flow.

 I did not want the focus on the blades however on the movement they 
create without looking too juvenile.

Here he is flying over a event we had going on
 and he photographed from above!

This is a few weeks ago while on a flight over a boat tournament in Miami.

So just gotta say...
I could not be any Prouder than I am.
And also how much I Love him and this Quilt!
I will have a hard time departing with it when he settles down in one spot.
But he deserves it!

Till We Quilt Or Fly Again,

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