Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thanks Barb!


Barb of Mountain Quiltworks Blogspot and I collided a few years back while blogging. 
After chatting on the phone, she left me
having a blog crush--is that weird to say! 
There's alot of similarities in our
lives and that might be one of the reasons
I can relate so well with her--the word that might
come to her mind is stalking--ha-ha!
Anyway, I am going to follow her lead on this whole New Year Goal thing.

My Button

Putting this out there gives me
hope that I will hold myself accountable and commit.
The guide lines are simple--so I am Good!
For the Guide Lines go to
Shanna of Fiber Of All Sorts

   So here is my first to get working on!

Till We Quilt Again,