Thursday, March 3, 2011

What A Great Time!

Put 6 women together with, a sense of humor, creative ideas,
knowledge in their own areas, individual approaches and a willingness to share and learn.
What Do You Have
A Great Memorable Trip!

Here is a photo of the "Shabby Little Shack" that we were luckly enough to stay in
(Thanks to Sandy). We were knitting and appliqueing on projects.
I was learning to knit (again!).

Margareta (my mom) and Elena.
We imported them!
Mom is from Sweden and Elena is from Spain.

We had the opportunity to take a class with Esterita Austin. All I can say is WOW! She is so... talented in over laying sheers and paint to create illusions. What a magnificent day!

And onto the show. I took so... many photos but here are 3 that stood out to me!

It was amazing how this person used tulle for the reflection of the trees and home. But more amazing was how you did not see the mist/fog until you took a photo.

Just Beautiful! Love the color palate.

On Friday 8 more quilting buddies came down to the show. We were lucky enough to find a great restaurant that would fit all 14 of us. Wish we had more time together!

These girls to the left talked about switching into a new hobby, I overheard something about Burlesque dancing ....

And the group below are now Vegans!!!!

Great Memories!!
Till We Quilt Again,