Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look At What Eleanor Caught!

"Eleanor's Fishing Tale"

The fish Eleanor caught.
That did not get away!

Along with the added fishy fabric.

Onto hooking the fish with
some quilting!

This was so... much fun to quilt.
And is now the perfect gift for the little man that loves fishing!

And here are my boys this past summer.
On the Ocean!

 This is Ronald!
He is the one on the back of the boat in the rainbow shorts.
This was one of his 3 jobs-he hustles!

This is Nathan!
This was taken a few weeks after he graduated from college. Off the coast of Delaware.
And now is going back for his Masters.
Look at those beautiful colors in the fish!
(photo was taken with a phone camera)

Till We Quilt Again,