Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer Solstice in April

I am quilting this great pattern by Marelize's quilt called Summer Solstices
I had big dreams when planning the journey for this beauty above! My overly energetic personality and plans went astray as I came down with the "Super Quilter Syndrome". I know this is a foreign disease to most, but when it hits--IT HITS HARD! In hindsight, I should have seen it coming but I was in denial. As this seeped into all aspects of life I found I was just too weak! My brain kept saying--Oh What's A Little More-I can do it!   
So..... as I often do, when this energy zapping disease hits--it is time to get REAL! Time for the Super Powers of Mediation, Pondering, Prayer and Reflecting. Once the head is finally clear it is time to "Eat That Frog" Which is my Go-To prescription for just about everything!
The quilt is now in its final stages!

 These are the fabric I used.

Marelize's is having a giveaway and this pattern is part of it. 

Go check out her site at Stitch By Stitch

This quilt is my ALYOF-For April 
(A Lovely Year Of Finishes).
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To Marelize:
I will be sending you my photos and requested information very soon.
Till We Quilt Again,