Sunday, August 3, 2014

Such A Lady!

"Lady's Bio"

Lady came into our lives as a pup, pretty much the same 
time our 2 boys were pups themselves. 
She was a German Shepard/Lab mix.

Lady was that dog that both boys will remember as their childhood best buddy!
She was all about being there for them to play with, talk to and comfort them.
She was apart of our lives for 12 years.
I get choked up even writing about this now!

Squint your eyes!
This quilt requires distance.

"The Quilt's Bio"
After the passing of Lady our oldest was soon heading off to college.  Ronald was having a hard time with the lose of Lady's passing and his brothers leaving home.
 We decide to make a memory quilt of Lady!
Our son picked the photo and fabrics and I made a pattern.
Everyday when Ronald got off the bus he would run in to work on Lady's quilt.
It was a incredible way for him to work through his lose and grief.
We would laugh and cry while talking of the memories of her!

I little fact:
With every lose in our family our boys wrote a note to whomever passed.
They would attach it to a balloon and would send it to heaven.
Lady's (original letters) are sewn into a envelope label on  the back of the quilt.
Ronald will get this quilt when he settles down someday and will be able to read the note he wrote.
This quilt hung in the New Jersey Quilt Show too.
There are over 500  One-inch squares.

This post is linked to Lily at Lily Pad Quilting. She hosting this party and I am sure you
will enjoy hopping over to see all the wonderful animal quilts.

I am submitting Lady in the Dog Category.

And not to leave our current dog for the past 6 years.
Here"s Buddy!

Till We Quilt Again,