Sunday, June 29, 2014

"My Favorite Quilt"

Jessica from  Quilty Habit has been curating bloggers along with Sew Mama Sew in a series of 
"My Favorite Quilt" for the past month, it has been fun seeing bloggers post their favorite piece during the month of June. 

So.... here I come skidding in! This is my favorite--Well one of my favorites!

When did you make it? This was made several years ago while in New York  at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshop. And the teacher was Natalie SewellIt was my first art class and one of my favorite.  

What pattern did you use? There was no pattern. Your assignment was to bring a variety of photos and fabrics.

What fabrics? All were commercial fabrics however it was amazing how we manipulated the fabric with inks, office supplies, markers etc..... Some of the fabrics looks nothing like what I brought with me.

Have your shown it at any quilt shows or entered it in any contests? I have not and don't know why not. Hum!

What memories or people does the quilt make you think of? My Dad is the first person. He was so creative and enjoyed painting and playing music. If he were alive I think he would be happy that I have found so much joy in this art.Then my mother, this is the beautiful landscape she grew up in Sweden, How lucky was she?

What do you like best about the quilt? No blocks-no rulers! Freehand cutting, laying out and sewing. NO RULES!

How did you grow as a quilter while making it? In every way! This was the quilt where I let go of any restrictions and enjoyed the process.

If you could make this quilt again, what (if anything) would you do differently? Now I would be so much more at ease through the whole process (I had several suitcases with fabric and one little overnight bag with cloths). I also have learned allot more in regards to creative techniques. I would also include allot of my own hand dyed fabric.

Where is the quilt now? It hangs happily in my living room. This one is special to me! When I walk by it I usually have a smile and warm feeling thinking of my parents.