Friday, December 12, 2014

What I Have Learned!

"Ronald's Flight"
If you persist-- your vision will materialize.
If you Love who it is for--you will enjoy every step of the way. 
I can see that I have come along way since starting this journey.

"Swedish Double Chain"
Given a challenge--I am discovering that is my favorite way to quilt.
I can take a traditional design and put a spin on it.
Using what you have is so rewarding.
Friends are such wonderful encouragement. 

 "Swirly Whirly Milky Way" 
My first chance at rejection--but I came out a winner.
I can play with the big girls.
I am not that bad.

 What I have learned from not being accepted at Quilt Con.

After seeing so many wonderful submissions that where not accepted-
I know I am not alone. #quiltconreject #rejectedfromquiltcon 
I know my quilts are good-so I won't stop here.
The people that really count-are always there.
By putting yourself out there-so many new wonderful things have happened.
And as I tell my kids! You have WON if you tired!

Here is a wonderful article that is floating around by Latifah Saafir 

Till We Quilt or Submit Again,