Monday, September 23, 2013

Scarf Camera Strap & Boat Ride! (Tut. Link)

Scarf Camera Strap Tutorial {Camera Accessories}


Find a comfy scarf
(Mine is from my closet)

Gather a piece of leather and two clasp hooks.
(Mine is from a old pocket book and clasps are from Michael's)

When done, you will have a very
comfy camera strap!
(one strap is in China as we speak)
 Here is the tutorial for the
Scarf Camera Strap

 Tip-use either a leather or jeans needle.
To avoid breaking the needle, sew slowly.


 Photos From The Other Day!
Hubby & Son

Osprey nest on pole! 

Boat Taxi

 Cape May Bridge-leading to the Delaware Bay.

 One of the many fishing boat docks.

Captain & 1st Mate
 Coast Guard-overhauling a boat.

Have A Great Day!

 Till We Quilt Again,