Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Retreat Pictures!

Grab you coffee there is allot of photos!

Our quilt guild CAMACO along with the  OBAAT's  from West Chester, Pennsylvania
 recently returned from our annual fall retreat that was held in Lancaster, Pa. 

Here are a few highlights!


 I was lucky to have my mom come this year!

 It was great getting to know another Helen!

 Friends from other Guilds.

 Wonderful teaching. Thank You Bernie!

 What goes where you ask?

 All kinds of fabulous prizes.

A mother & daughter teaching team!

 Christmas gifts!

Wonderful food! 

The organizers.
 Thank You!

 Donna from Obaat's gave CAMACO guild a AccuCut.
What a incredible gift!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Discovering new techniques!

Martini Time!

Cindy made sure we were taken care of for our message. 

Happy OBAAT's!

Retreat Pieces, UFO's, and Projects

Sorry for all the pieces I missed!

There was a hysterically funny game we played however I can't flip my photos. Bummer!

Till We Quilt Again,