Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP Is Done!

Here is the story:
My son's friend loves the band "Rebelution" and her favorite 
album is  "Peace Of Mind". She asked if I could make the cover of this album into a quilt for her.

Below is the album cover and one of their songs.
They are a mix of rock, world & reggae. 

Click to hear and see the cover

My thought was 
SURE-It looks simple enough!

Here are the stages of progress.
My son inherited the artsy gene, 
so he helped me paint the back ground fabric.

The levels for the background were painted, 
diluted, blended and highlighted.

Then it was onto applying the applique. 
I kept the pieces down with allot of quilting.
This is intended for a bed.

The water falls has Angelina fibers and crystal powder in it.

On the album there looks to be underground rivers.

And then the Quilting!