Monday, March 30, 2015

Thread & Burgers (Tut. Link)

What a Combo!

This weekend we had a yard sale.

And my mother was letting go of her slide cases.

 My thoughts went to Thread Storage!
Remove the dividers and take off the lid.

 You might be gasping at this rats nest.
But this is what my drawer had turned into!

And now it is this!

These metal trays lay so nice on each other!

And for the Burgers!

Yesterday was still chilly here.
But we wanted BBQ!

The other day I was on CJ's blog at TinkSquared and she had a video
(linked on bottom of post) about making these burgers.
Along with that, CJ has allot of great recipes & tutorials to check out!

Once my hubby saw the video (he is a BBQ man)  he wanted to know what we were waiting for?

It is Beer Can Bacon Burgers

We made,
Fried Onion/Mash Potatoes/Bacon/Cheese
Tomato sauce/Pepperoni/Cheese

Since we are a sharing group--
What is some filling you would use?

Till We Quilt Again,

I am on