Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girl Bonding!

A group of us meet at our library. 
Together we either quilt, sew, knit, craft or chat.
On this day we were sanding, painting and waxing
our future portable sewing box. 
We covered boards with batting, fabric and gross grain or ribbon.
Then inserted them into two of the squares of the box to stick
 sewing and embroidery needles.
Several of these girls are very talented embroiderers.
And they embellished their boxes with their creations.

 As for me, several years ago, my friend Pam gave me a piece of
fabric that had goldfish on it and each fish was named.
Yep--My name is Helen!

 Here's Goldie!
 And Bjorn--a Swedish Fish!
 I used the Helen fish on the front of the box,
 added some Swarovski crystal bling and deep water colored buttons.

Bjorn will hold small scissors.

Cut and added magnet pieces to hold pins.  
And Goldie will keep an eye on the seam ripper.

 Here is my finished box.
This was a fun project made with a great group of Friends!

 Last night I was the  Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild meeting.
This is Michele's "Queen Bee" block. You can see her collection of blocks on
 JSMQG link above.

Till We Quilt Again,

 Something To Think About:
 Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?