Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Little Less Pressure!

I am a list maker, time scheduler and goal setter.  However when overloaded with too many goals, and I can not meet them all I feel like I have failed. This year I am taking a different approach. I have a "GOTTA DO" list and a "WANNA DO" list. The Wanna Do list will not be there staring me in the face. This list is not a priority but something I want to do! If I get a Gotta Do item done I can then go for a Wanna Do project. I have doing this now for the past few months and it is working for me.  

The Wanna Do becomes a reward to 
doing a Gotta Do!

This is on my Wanna Do list.
I posted about this block in December HERE

So toward to ended of the month I plan to have this made into a pillow. 
And hope to share the end results.

Click HERE to grab the button and see how to be apart of this fun party!


Till We Quilt Again,

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