Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Artsy

Brooke's Eyes

My niece, was redoing her room. The theme she was going for
was a black/gray studio feel. The room was in need of a very dramatic art piece. Brooke has long dark hair with deep blue eyes, plus the longest eyelashes I have seen.

I came across a online class by Ellen Lindner. Even though the class was not on specifically eyes, I knew I could use this technique while making this.
The fabric was applied to a canvas and sealed with a medium fixture. Then it was framed and looks beautiful in her room. I could have done this as a quilt, but the room needed art work in a frame.

For more information on Ellen's class go to
The class is "Sticky Fingers"
You will see Brooke's Eyes in the Students Gallery

Till We Quilt Again,