Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion

Here is "A Little Somethin' Jacket"

As I read Maggie's Blog and she had posted her
 Little Somethin' Jacket I thought I would also post mine.
Maggie's is so... darn cute and I love the color.
When I made mine, I wanted to have the longer sleeve for the fall.  
I always seem to be hot anymore
 and this little jacket is perfect for me.
The pattern is sold several places, but here is one link.

Here are other fall items that I have sewn. 
The little shoulder bag to the left was made when I had my
embroidery machine.

This was made after being at a day workshop in Ocean City, NJ.
It was like a rejuvenating spa day.
 We painted fabric, eat great food and learned so.... much.
Besides painting we took the scraps that were laying around
 and made these little Art shoulder bags doing free motion trees.

This is a over the head and shoulder bag.
The pattern has 3 sizes and here is that link.

 Making it the perfect bag to have while you are fabric shopping.
You are hands free.
Plus having the zipper, I know my phone and money won't be falling out.

This little bag was made awhile ago when I need something small
 for the phone when at soccer fields and hockey rinks. 

Now I am getting carried away with
Camera Straps!

I seem to be making one for every outfit I own.
I made several for my mothers future trips.

And this is my hand bag for the fall.
this was done wrapping cloths line and then sewn together.

Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year!

Till We Quilt Again,

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