Thursday, March 5, 2015

Modern Rag Rug! Tut-Link

In January, my friends over at Nini & The Sea posted their weekly Inspiration Linky Party . If you are not apart of this--there is always great ideas and wonderful links. This particular post got me thinking about all my scraps and wanting to find some useful use for them. 
So I am adding 
"Rug Maker" to my list of titles.

This is what I did!

Invited Nini over to see if we could actually do this!
Beside thinking we will have Carpal Tunnel by the time we are done--
It was very... easy!

 Then it was onto cutting large scraps down to 1 inch (or near that) strips. 

 Once I packed a few zip lock bags of strips--It was off to Mexico, Florida and Texas.
Cars, airports, motels, and lounging on a beach chair.

 You don't have to have over-sized spools but it does look pretty in the house!

Set you machine to Zig-zag.
And then sew, and sew and sew spirals.
I like having a variety of sizes.
 Tip-Use up all those wound bobbins in all colors!

My friend Nini would try to coordinate colors when Twining.
The only rule I had was not twisting either two dark or two light together.
Other than that--You will never notice in the scheme of things.

When you are done sewing the spiral, hold it up to the light. 
You will see if you missed spots and sew over again.
I also went around the last coil twice to reinforce the ends.

Some will be lumpy when you are done.
Take your iron and steam the heck out of them!
This flattens them.

 This is not where I will keep the the rug but I am liking it against the dark floor!

This is its new home! 
Our guest bathroom has a odd sink base so I shaped it to go around it.

 I Love It!

This my February-ALYOF! 

Till We Quilt Again,

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