Saturday, January 24, 2015


Unas Maravillosas Vacaciones!
(What a Wonderful Vacation!)

We just returned from Isle Mujeres, Mexico.
Which is a island that is 5 miles long off the coast of Mexico.

This is the small port on the island where we arrived by boat. 

It was beautiful!

There were so many unique structures!

A bit dark!
A night at Olivia's Israelian restaurant.

 Here is one of many high lights!
We went to a tucked away Women's Beading Co-op.
It reminded me so much of our quilting gatherings. 


I loved these photos of this women!

The views where spectacular!  

Here is my hubby coming with a cocktail!

While taking a short hike and looking down some cliffs
we spotted a lizard sunny!

This is my mothers veranda where we met for coffee most mornings. 

While we were at the most southern part of the island we could see the mainland.

 View from my room!

I would not normally show this photo, but we were shocked to find the plane empty 
on our return. There was maybe 20 other people in our section.
It was a little freaky flying with so few people. 

I promise to stick to the fibery and quilty world in the next post.

Till We Quilt Again,