Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winners of "Leafs Me Happy" Blog Hop!

Look Hard!

Can you read it,
"Leafs Me Happy"
I wanted to remember this Blog Hop.
With my computer lighting up like the 4th of July!
I forgot to post this photo.
Panic best described me on posting day. 

And The Give Away!
Originally I was doing a drawing from a hat.
Oh! No--No--No
Due to the amount that responded I  
 tracked down Random.Org. counter to save my sanity.
(but again not knowing what I was doing there either) 

Random.Org did its picking and
The Winners Are!

Louzee at  Sapilo80@gmail
Please email me your addresses so I send the
AccuQuilt Fall Leafs to you!

I know that I should show the Random.Org widget.
As luck has it--
I can NOT get it on the screen.
Go Figure!
 Better luck next time.  

Sneak Peak!
Here is a peak at what I made with the same Leafs that the winners are getting!
I will post in a few days the finished piece. 

And if you were one of the MANY that asked about
 the Fabric Bowls come back here on Saturday!
My friend has agreed to show you.

Till We Quilt Again,

Think'n I might go get a message!
Happy Fall!