Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wahoo! Carol Came in 2nd!

Here is Carol, holding her 2nd Place ribbon with her beautiful quilt.

Just for the record--this is her first quilt she has ever made!

Knowing Carol for a few years, I discovered that she is a very talented
clothing sewer, but had never tackled a quilt until now.

This year after having surgery, Carol made this inspiring quilt, asked me to quilt it
 and entered in a Lancaster, Pa. County Fair. 

A photo of the quilt at the fair.

Attaching the binding.

Quilt in Carol's home.

 Below are close-up details while this beauty was being quilted in my home.

Some of the details where so small,
I needed to turn down the lighting to see.

So..... Carol has the quilting fever!
I do not think this is the last we will see of her talents!

Thank You Carol for entrusting and letting me be apart of your quilt!

Till We Quilt Again,