Saturday, September 20, 2014

Winner's & Sharing Tips!

I had the opportunity to participate in the 
"See You In September" blog hop.
The post is directly under this one or
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To answer questions and comments, 
I figured I would answer them today.

As for the:

Square Ruler Runner
To get the square shape-miter the corners.
 I suggest pinning it first to make sure it falls 
the way you want before sewing. 
For the length-having all pieces exactly the same length is
 what will make it square.
I hemmed both sides before mitering.

The Cooler Table
This was when it was started!

Perfect outdoor table!
This is the table I saw for inspiration.
Type in "Cooler Table" on Pinterest for more styles.

iPad/iPhone Stand

This is explained by Michele at Factotum Of Arts 
there is nothing I can add here.
Except this is a exceptionally fast project and
perfect for a quick gift or Christmas!

Save The Gingham Quilt

For the pattern I used the Winner's Bouquet templates.
I suggest using the registration marking holes
 on the template when piecing. 
Just makes life easier!


Love all your projects specially the quilt caught my eye.Fabulous quilting!


Great projects and a beautiful gingham quilt. What wonderful quilting too.


I will contact both of you for addresses.
 Please respond within the week so I can send you the gifts!

Till We Quilt Again,