Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mr. Happy Bird With Balls (and without)!

Yes, you read it right!

My "Happy Bird With Balls"
The pattern had appliqued balls. However I wanted to keep the quilt up during all the winter months, so the balls hang from buttons attached to the branches.
I also changed them, by cutting up a doilies from the thrift shop.
As of today "My Happy Bird" is ball-less
for the remainder winter months.
(the photo looks a bit bland but it is perfect for the winter)
 My first attempt at this style of snow flakes.
I need a bit more time on getting those down, but it is all mine.
So I am Happy!
A few photos!

Birches were raw edged appliqued on the frame.

Was going for chilly background.


 Mr. Happy Bird was appliqued while flying traveling from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to a neat B & B for a little get-away.  
Happy New Year &
Till We Quilt Again,

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