Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Yarn Holder

You know how the story goes!
Thought as a quilter that I COULD NOT get involved
 with another hobby.
As I spent more and more time with friends who
it all started to break and wear me down! 
(feeling sorry for me yet?)
And Really--How much of a supply do you need to knit?

Well I Crashed, Caved and Burned!

I am collecting:
 Yarn, Needles, Patterns, Markers Etc., Etc., Etc.,
Spending time looking at patterns wondering if I will
 ever be able to make these beautiful things.

And now that I have made more scarfs than
amount of days in a year.
And attempting to make my first sweater.
I go and make my mother and I 
Yarn Holders!

Started with empty oatmeal and coffee containers.

1 scrap booking zebra print paper.
1 piece of black stock paper.
My mom's and my initial in diamond bling. 
I put our initials on the cans since we are often together
and so we would not get them confused.

I liked the zebra duck tape, it matched the
zebra rotary cutters that my nieces gave
us before our retreat.

Added grommets to the lids so the yarn
would slide easily.

Used the template from the grommet package
 to mark....

and cut lids.

Attaching grommet.

Traced, cut and slide zebra paper under
 the oatmeal box plastic lid.

Turned lid over to trace and......

cut for grommet.

Grommet attached.

Wrap duck tape around coffee can
and oatmeal container.
And Wah--Lah!

So I have given up the fight!
And thrown in the White Flag!
I think I might be loosing my mind-
-but I am really have a great time doing it!
Till We Quilt Again (Or Knit),

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish For The Day!

Nobody said I had to be Irish!
St. Patricks Day is only a few days away. 
So I wanted to share a few projects with you.

This is a Shamrock Table Runner.
It is made the same way as the Fall Leaves--you can click HERE for a tutorial I had made earlier.

Last night was our guild meeting and I made Irish Bark.
 It was a big hit. Even though I don't use a recipe you can get one by clicking HERE. I didn't use anything with mint
 because I know of several who do not care for it. 
I use whatever I have in my pantry. Nuts, raisins, marshmallows candy and pretzels.
 It is a great way to remove extra calories from your house.

This it what I used for the Shamrock template.
 I either picked it up at the Dollar Store or Walmart.
It is a plastic  placement.

This dress I got at a second hand store with the hopes of recycling it. It is rayon batik and has a Celtic design that I liked. However I was not sure what
I was going to do with it.

A closeup of the Celtic design.

My mother suggested that I line it.
I am glad I did, the rayon was so.. light weight and
droopy that the lining gave it shape.
Click HERE for the link to the vest pattern.

Laying out the pattern to get the best use of the Celtic design. It was a easy project to do.

And the Vest!

I hope to find more fun things to recycle!

While in Sanibel, Florida we visited the islands knitting
store where I got this yarn for this scarf.
I like making small things on the beach.

Isn't this a Fiber Freak's Fantasy!

Last Night at our guild meeting. It was Quilto Night!

Yesterday it was SO.. BEAUTIFUL on the coast of New Jersey. My mom, son and I went to the beach. Normally we would have to protect ourselves from the wind and sand amongst the sand dunes,
but yesterday we were down near the water.
It was perfect!

We really should have put on SPF.
I went to the guild meeting glowing!
Who would have thought March 14th and Sunscreen
 would go together.

And of course I had to bring a project with me.
I am knitting a Infinity Scarf for my niece.
It is in the colors of the college she will be
attending  come the fall.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!
Calling for 75 degrees this and next week.
So what day and time shall I meet you on the beach?

Till We Quilt Again,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Start Your Engines

Jelly Roll Races

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I learned my lesson:
When posting blogs--watch the buttons you press.
 This is the 2nd post. And somehow I lost the photo of Doreen with her quilt.

What fun we had!
I highly suggest doing this with a group of quilters.
A Stress Free Day!
And Lots of Laughs.

The Speed Racers won a gift card to race
 out to buy more fabric.

First Place- Doreen  (To the left)

Second Place-Sharon

Third Place-Diane

Click Here to get directions and see a video
on how to do this fun project!

Till We Quilt Again,