Friday, April 25, 2014

Friends on Friday-Eleanor (Quilting in the Dark)

This is Eleanor's beautiful quilt.
I had one huge problem--
I could not see where and what I was quilting.
The thread blended so well that I was blinded.
Photo from Phone
Here is a first for me!
Closed the curtains, removed the machine light bulb
 and put in a black light bulb.

 I was born in the 60's and this felt bit illegal!
If I thought about it hard enough I smelled Patchouli
(which by the way I love and still to this day wear in the fall and winter). Some of you will know exactly
 what I am talking about!!!

I was not a huge fan of the 30's fabrics till I quilted this quilt.
I have collected a nice stash since quilting this.

After all these year, who would have known we would be so closely stitched in friendship and quilting.
Thank You, Eleanor.
Till We Quilt Again,