Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Missed The Memo.....

On Buttons!

Buttons were everywhere at QuiltCon. 
Buttons are the new calling cards!  
I was ready to hand out my business cards with a pin
to join in on the Button Frenzy!

This where my buttons now live!

(Yes Lee! I am the fabric Corn Husker Hole contestant that was in your class!)

 This quilt hangs from a ceiling track.
 It is hiding a queen size Murphy bed.

I just slide it over when the bed is needed.

Not wanting to waste space my hubby cut PVC tubes to store Pantographs.
I have to admit-this is not all of them!


And here is what it looks like with the bed down.
And the panto's stay under the bed all in place.

The pictures are very yellow.

Till We Quilt Again,

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My Opinion On.........


Fellow quilters that we discovered at the Newark Airport!


Jacquie Gering-Amazing inspirational creator & speaker.
I could listen to her all day.

Luke Haynes-I really never understood what a creative mind he has until listening to him speak.
It really is amazing to hear how his mind thinks. When I went back on the show floor and saw his quilts again, I looked at them in a completely different way.

Panel Discussion on Fabric Design:
 Denyse Schmidt, Mikey Krueger, Kathy Miller & Amy Ellis
I enjoy buying, painting and dying for me.
So it was good to discover this is something I am not interested in doing myself.
But so glad there are talented designers that do!

Meg Cox lectured on Photography. She is another one that blew me away with inspiration and creative ideas. She packed her time in with tips, tricks and suggestions from photographing your quilts for show entries, blogs, and social media. It was fantastic.

Her shawl was amazing too!

Bill Kerr Lecture was titled "Detail Matters"- I knew he and his wife (Weeks Ringle) are great quilt & fabric designers but I just did not want his lecture to end. I will seek and track him or his wife down for a class in the future.  Again, once I left that lecture I looked at everything around me differently as to the details on branding that he so humorously delivered.

Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr


The one class I took was with Lee Heinrich called "Off  The Grid"
This was about design layout of quilts. I had a sleepless night after that class!
If you ever get a chance--Take The Class!

Class photos.

I was playing Detective Clue-Sew for my fellow blogging buddy
Judy at Quilt Paradigm. This is the amazing quilt she made from
 Oakshott Fabrics from Pinwheel Fabrics

She did all the quilting on her domestic machine!

I belong to the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild and this quilt was made by the members in way of design, sewing, and quilting for the QuiltCon donation quilt.

This a wonderful guild to belong to if you are in the area.


Janet at What Comes Next and Terry from Vancouver, MQG

This is Terry's beautiful quilt that was in the show.

Dottie, Lee & Mary

Vanessa @ Crafty Gemini and my pals at Nini And The Sea

Some Quilting and Quilts 

Here are close up photos and a few of my favorite quilts since they are everywhere on the web. 

Till We Quilt Again,