Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow, Sew & Learn

Saturday morning!! The start of snow.
Family sleeps in, I make coffee and light a candle or two. This is my favorite winter ritual that was pasted on from my Mor-Mor (Grandmother in Swedish) to my mom-- and now my boys. There is something about early morning quiet, coffee and reading blogs. ALL is Great that time of the Day! The only isssue is that my oldest is living on his own and now I freak out seeing his candles. What do they say about Pay-Backs?
The Snow!

Last winter we purchased a midarm quilting machine. So word got out that I was looking for ways to practice. A friend called (Martha) and said that her friend, from Pittsburgh was cleaning out thier church closets and found bags of scrap material. While rumaging threw the bags they found several quilt tops that looked like they were made between the 50's and 70's. So Martha's friend gave a quilt to each of her friends in my area. As it turns out I have been quilting them! They are the Best!!!! to allow me to play and learn on them.
The Sew!

So I have been trying to take in all the knowledge I can gather over the year. Have been reading, taking on line classes (love MQR and TQS), follow blogs and applying the PPP method. Have been going town with free motion quilting feathers (getting pretty good), meandering and all over designs. But I had not taken the plug in holding a templete or ruler while quilting. This quilt is my test!!!! I have to say it is looking pretty good. It has taken several more hours to do, but I think it is worth the time.

The Learning!

So Today is Sunday!
The plan is sew for awhile and meet up with friends to watch the Eagles/Packers game!!
It Is All Good!

Till We Quilt Again


  1. Hi Helen,

    I love the early morning quiet, cup of coffee, blog hopping,candle ritual too...Sometimes I think grown up kids are harder, cuz we have NO control over their world!The quilt above is beautiful! I hope to be able to quilt a whole quilt someday too, with or without a template!!!

  2. Wow, your quilting lines look wonderful. I too like a cup of tea while I read the blogs in the morning.

  3. Early morning is my favorite time . . . cup of coffee or tea, either one! Your 'practice' quilt is looking very good. Just imagine your work in a week or two. Judy

  4. the quilts looks great! I am so jealous that you have a mid arm.

  5. I love an early morning coffee too! Your quilting looks stunning! After looking at yours, I decided that I need to practice more!! ha!

  6. Your ruler work is great! Go Packers! Mary In the Mountains

  7. Looks to me like you know what you are doing with that mid-arm. Nice that you got some donations to work on but this one is turning out to be quite nice. I like your snow photo. We are in similar circumstances here in NC. Since we are originally from NJ (Avalon, Ocean City, Haddonfield area), we also still pull for the Eagles (and the Sixers and Phillies). Sadly they seem to have folded the last few games.


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