Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vote For My Niece!


Yes, this is a Fabric Related Site!
But I am asking the Quilting World
to give Brooke your vote.
To wet your Fibery Fantastic whistle the photo below is of Brooke's Eyes.
Brooke's Eyes
Click on the purple to read the full post.

So this is the reason I am asking for your vote.
This is the email that my sister in-law sent to me:

Hello Family and Friends,
I am forwarding an attachment to those of you that may be interested in helping out a great cause. Brooke has been given the opportunity to participate in a photo contest that could win money for her school’s after prom party. You must have a face book page to vote and the attachment explains how to go about voting. Time is of the essence because the contest only lasts for about a week. 
Thanks so much!
Nancy & Brooke

Here is the Attachment For Face Book:

Help MTHS win $500 for next year’s after prom
Log on to your facebook page and like “Seniors by Photojeania” and scroll down to Class of 2013 Top Model Contest and click on the link http://bit.lyljkcbrh.  Next choose “View entries” and scroll down and click on Brooke’s picture to cast your vote.  After you vote you can click on the pop-up “share with friends” and send it to some of your friends to help the cause. If Brooke receives the most votes, Middle Township High School will win $500 towards next year’s after prom.  She is the only representative from MTHS.  Let’s help out our school!  Thanks for your participation!

Remember to go to Face Book and link into http://bit.lyljkcbrh

Till We Quilt Again
And Thank You From a Proud Aunt,