Sunday, November 2, 2014

Guest Hosting-Anything Goes Monday Link Up Party!

I am excited to have made my way here to be guest hosting the 
Anything Goes Monday Link Up Party
for Marelize from Stitch By Stitch.

So here is my story!
There are allot of photos- so hang in there!

My Fibertastic Journey!

If you a new here, I am Helen Ernst

If not-Welcome Back!

I began this wonderful journey 24 years ago.

As you, I am obsessed with all things fiber!

Years ago, I loved gathering knowledge and learning as a hobby quilter while raising a family.

As time passed I somehow went from hobby quilter 
to commissioned quilter.
 Making quilts from start to finish.

However as a commissioned quilter I felt like I was lacking 
something personal to me. So my path turned
towards Technique Investigator (is there such a title?).

Which included dying, painting, manipulating fabric 
and hopefully someday weaving.

Which has brought me to my Happy Place.
LongArm Quilting!

I still am addicted as a "Technique Explorer" but
I just melt when it comes to the quilting!

It amazes me how a wonderful quilt can become a 
amazing quilt with quilting.

I still love to create quilt tops but relish the idea of quilting it!

Allot of what I make is traditional-but-not.
(now does that make any sense?)

Quilting is a passion for many and I am sure can be described in many ways.  For me, this has created a incredible bond with my mother, old friends and many new ones.
It is the special connection of togetherness I think!

There is something undescribable when women of 
all ages come together and share their
life stories, adventures and knowledge.

I have memories of sitting under weaving looms in Sweden as a child with my grandmother when she was getting together with her girlfriends that left a impression on me forever!

Many years ago--I was the young one--then the one with children at home--and now I am the one that has the last one leaving home!
Life is changing--AGAIN!

I can only imagine what the next few years will bring.

But happy to know it will be Quiltastic!

My Family!

This is our youngest who is a helicopter pilot and is
 continuing his flying education in Florida.

Our oldest works for a hospital system in Monmouth NJ.
And is also working hard to become self-employed.

When he is not helping me with tech support or everyone else 
he can be found fishing!

And Buddy!

I may have never found quilting if it weren't for my mom!
 Thank You for being you and introducing me to this completely sane and insane world.
I Love You! 

And this is my dad!
He was a painter, artist and musician.
I wish we were able to have done this journey together!
But Thankful for the time we did have.
There is around 10,000 one inch squares in this piece.

Other Things!

I am 52!
Have been married for 31 years to a great guy!
 Live in the U.S. in a seaside resort town at the most southern part of New Jersey.
You can say we are at the end of nowhere but near everything
--a short drive we are in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York City.
My back door is on the Delaware Bay and 4 miles east is the Atlantic Ocean.
A short drive and we can be skiing in the mountains of  PA, NY and Vermont.
And unlike many of you--I do not have a green thumb! Yep a little jealous!

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Thank You Marelize for having me as a guest host and including me to test your pattern.
It was a Fun quilt to make!
I highly recommend it!

Till We Quilt Again,

So now it is time to link-up!

stitch by stitch