Saturday, December 13, 2014

15 Quilty Resolutions for 2015

15 Quilty Resolutions for 2015

Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl is at it again! She is guiding us to use our noodle! I enjoy taking the time to stop and put the needle down to ponder about the what and the why! So here is my list and might need to refer to it over the next coming year allot!

1.) Do more of my creative projects that I have been putting on the back burner. This is my number one goal!

2.) Take more personal time for me. Since life has thrown a few curve health issues--it is not all about everyone else anymore.

3.) Use what I have-Learn and discover the pile of tools, books, patterns etc.. that have been patiently waiting for me to arrive.

4.) Tackle a fear! This little nugget of wisdom has been helping me for years but the list never ends! And that is OK too.

5.) Prepare ahead of time! Weather it be for Christmas, birthdays , baby or wedding showers etc.....

6.) Lay Off being so... hard on myself! Need I say more-you all do it too!

7.) Discover my Techy toys. I have only tapped into the potential of their uses. 

8.) Always find the positive! I really don't have to learn this--just keep doing it!

9.) Keep referring to the book "Eat That Frog". LOVE IT!

10.) Being present and aware. 

11.) Sometimes close is good enough. This has been a rough on to tackle.

12.) Remember that my children are adults. They are smart and intelligent and will be fine.

13.) Go to bed every night and reflect on what I am Grateful for! Their is allot.

14.) Wake every morning and reflect on what I am Grateful for! Even more than allot.

15.) Re-Read this list a million times!

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Till We Quilt Again,