Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alright, I Confess!

Amy of at 13 Spools spilled some of her 
Quilty little secrets. 

quilty secrets

Here is mine!

1). Don't wash fabrics. Maybe a red here and there-but I rarely sew with red!

2). I also sew with pins in.--Shoot me!

3.) I never-ever buy fabric for a project all at one time. If you saw my stash you would know why!

4.) I have the hardest time with the word SCANT-What the bleep is it? In toddle language please!

5.) Math scares me--I avoid it at all cost!

6.) Prefer not to sew on domestic machine-wearing shoes-but always in socks. It must be the semi- rebel in me wanting freedom to wiggle my toes. This could be analysed!

7.) Why can't I get this! There has to be a easy explanation to finding the Bias--Help me!

8.) A little obsessed with organizing the sewing notions, sewing room and fabric. The rest of the house--not so much!

9.) I sew in bed! I know a bit freaky--but I enjoy watching TV and having my hex's, knitting or binding near by!

10.) I just received a iPad!! I feel the adrenaline every time I turn it on!  I know there is going to be a secret here but I am not sure what it is yet!  Some of you might want to fill me in on your favorites (just say-in!).

Till We Quilt Again,