Friday, July 12, 2013

Elizabeth's Forest

All of the quilts posted Elizabeth made to cover
 Smart Boards used in her school for teaching.
They are large! 
The reflection was sewn perfectly!

What a Hoot!

Meandered around the words.

Added tree and leaf lines.

Outlined the applique.

Added little howling swirls.

Elizabeth attached the cutest fluffy tail!

Elizabeth was clever as a Fox with the applique.

She added just the right detail of spots.

What a cute Raccoon!


Elizabeth made several quilts for the Bethlehem Christian School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
I think 12 in all!

A little snip-it from the email Elizabeth sent me:
Briefly, the "story" about the quilt is that I was frustrated with a quilt I was working on. It had sheep on it as I was trying to use the 23 Psalm as the verse. Finally, I gave up and purchased the pattern (my first, I always design my own). I didn't notice till I got home that the company's name was EWE-nique. Oh, God is sometimes so funny! I modified the design to fit what I was doing and added the bible verse. My dearest friend gave me the bible verse, & I just loved it. I went on the company's website to get the email address so I could send them a photo (also, very unusual for me to do). Well, I almost fell over.... right on their home page... was the same bible verse!--Elizabeth


Just because we all love looking at quilts, here are some others that I made for Bethlehem Christian School.

The original pattern is from Ewe-Nique Creations Elizabeth
then altered the pattern to work for her situation.

Below are some photos of the other quilts
 Elizabeth made for the school.

Elizabeth is one gifted quilter!

Till We Quilt Again,